The project manager is the interface with our clients and will manage your project from the initial request right down to delivery and feedback. Our project managers may be contacted at any stage of the project to check the status of your work, to help solve any of your linguistic or practical queries or to deal with any other concerns.


We only ever employ translators that are native-speakers of the language into which they are translating. This is the only way to ensure semantically correct and stylistically sound translations. All of our translators are also experts of the subjects they are translating, another essential requirement for linguistic quality.


After our translators complete their first round of translations, our proofreaders check for any semantic or terminology related errors. Our proofreaders, which are also native speakers of the target language, work closely with our translators to confirm the final translation. They also help our quality control & terminology managers to update our client-specific glossaries and translation memories.


The quality control & terminology manager works directly with the project manager to coordinate localization projects. The quality control & terminology manager is the interface between our translators and proofreaders: he/she also provides the last quality check before any project is submitted to the client. In addition to these responsibilities, the quality control & terminology manager is also responsible for the management of all client-specific glossaries and translation memories.


Our professional copywriters are experts in writing and adapting content to fit our clients’ unique voice. When taking on a new copywriting project, they will thoroughly research and analyze your company’s specific terminology and jargon. Any stylistic requirements or guidelines that are given will be strictly followed to ensure the project is completed to our client’s satisfaction. As this is a creative process, we also offer multiple revisions in case our clients are unsatisfied with any part of the completed copy.


We use the term “creatives” to refer to our team of graphic designers, illustrators, subtitlers, and dubbers. They help to localize projects into their respective formats – be it brochures, illustrations, or videos – so that they are ready for final use. What’s more, our in-house creatives are not only masters of creativity, but also language experts. They are highly sensitive to the specific linguistic requirements of our clients and work closely with our translators and copywriters; this enables us to provide a one-stop solution and help you avoid fragmenting your work among multiple suppliers.