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A Creative Conglomerate

by Tom Lee

on Friday, May 28, 2010 12:00 AM

Gathering together an international community of creative disciplines, Neon Shanghai aims to become a go-to place for all sorts of aesthetic projects, both by manufacturing concepts and premiering exhibits. Set in an old factory, just south of Shanghai Stadium, the second floor has been renovated into a large, open-plan office, encompassing a photography studio and a film production room.

Forming a mini-conglomerate, Neon Shanghai is actually four separate companies, working in four different industries. Italians, English, Chinese and Canadians bring intercultural perspectives to bear on their varied professions, which include film and video, language translation, marketing and communications, and photography.

As a relatively young group of entrepreneurs, the group is symptomatic of modern Shanghai, using innovation to try to carve out its own niche in the growing economy of China. There are already many big-name brands counted among their commercial clientele. The Junction, the photography arm of Neon Shanghai, has worked on many cosmetic images for Bulgari, Lancome and Dior. Over the other side of the office, Tee-hee’s marketing campaigns largely serve the same industry, working with L’Oreal, Kerastase and Technogym. Translating and interpreting for Siemens, Toyota and Red Bull, Eurologos also moves in global corporations, despite the huge competition in Shanghai around this profession. Some of the most interesting projects, however, stem from Lost Pensivos, the film and television arm. It’s worked on commercials for the World Expo 2010 and the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, as well as providing production assistance for a diverse range of companies, including BBC, Sony, McDonald’s, Unilever and The Discovery Channel.

The directors also aspire to help other members of today’s up-and-coming youth by hosting events from painters, sculptors and other artists. Conceptualizing their entire company, the idea is that this converted industrial building will become the location for an inventive hub, stimulating today’s youth. “The whole office can become an event space,” explains Marketing Director Raimondo Gissara, as he indicates how the majority of the area functions well to handle the ebb and flow of party attendees: sounds like they’ve come up with the ideal way to combine work and play.