Helping CooperVision Conquer the Chinese Eye Care Market

CooperVision Contact Lenses

CooperVision is the world’s third largest soft contact lens company and it has set its sights on conquering the Chinese market with its range of disposable contact lenses.

Collaboration with Eurologos Shanghai

During the first half of last year, we were contacted by CooperVision to assist with the translation from English into Mandarin Chinese of the company’s corporate website, which is when our cooperation began. Following the successful completion and launch of CooperVision’s Chinese language website, our collaboration with the company has grown from strength to strength and we now assist a number of CooperVision’s departments with document translation on a weekly basis.

The careful localisation of one’s products and services are critical for the success of foreign companies in China and we are very glad that CooperVision has chosen to trust in the Eurologos method for its China operations, a method perfected from over 30 years of experience in the industry.