Assisting Chemical and Pharmaceutical Giant Merck

Unique: The Merck Way

Merck is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company with roots that remarkably date back to the year 1668.

In the chemical business, Merck’s brands have for generations stood for superior quality and reliability, innovation and customer centricity. Equally in the pharmaceutical market, Merck’s brand name has a long tradition.

Today Merck stands for innovative therapies originating from both pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology.

Merck is also a family run business. Currently, the company is in the hands of the Merck family’s 12th generation.

Our Work with Merck

Traditionally each year, the Merck family and the company’s major shareholders will organise a visit to one of their worldwide offices to connect with the local workforce and share ideas and concerns. October 2010 will see the Merck Family visiting Shanghai, which will also be an opportunity for the family to visit the Universal Expo currently being held in the city.

Having successfully worked together on a number of other projects, Merck had no hesitation in contacting Eurologos Shanghai to entrust them with the task of providing consecutive-level interpreters for this very special and important event on the Merck calendar.

To emphasise the importance of this visit, Merck insisted on being provided with a series of profiles of potential interpreters from which to select from, interpreters which were interviewed individually and eventually whittled down to two.

Currently, the selected interpreters are busy preparing for the event by working their way through a series of materials provided by the client to ensure they are well versed in all that is Merck. All of this under, of course, the ever watchful eye of the Eurologos Shanghai Project Managers.

Beyond Business

As the relationship we have fostered with Merck over the years is not only one of business, but of mutual respect and friendship, we were also glad to help organise especially for the Merck family’s visit a VIP entry to the Italian Universal Expo Pavilion. This was done through our strong ties with the Commission of Italy for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo with whom we also enjoy a very good working relation.

As we often like to say here at Eurologos Shanghai: “It’s all part of the service!”.